Shaolin Forms (Intermediate and Advanced)

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Developed hundreds of years ago in the Shaolin Temples of China, these forms were adapted from the observation of animals and how they defend themselves in their natural surroundings. “Circle of Life” teaches the original Five Animal Fist Forms of the Shaolin Temples. These include the Dragon, the Tiger, the Crane, the Snake, and the Leopard. Diligent practice of these forms will allow the student to incorporate within themselves the strengths of these animals and adapt them to their particular circumstances.

Some of the additional benefits of practicing these forms include the development of physical strength, coordination, balance, as well as speed and flexibility. Practice of these forms has also contributed to bone development, “Chi” cultivation, internal strength and awareness.

“Wushu” is a Chinese martial art that stresses coordination, balance and flexibility, as well as fluidity of movement. Although empty hand applications are evident in this art, the focus will be on the use of “tools” or weapons in the development of the above mentioned benefits. Wushu weapons forms will include the use of the Staff, the Sword, and the Kwon dao.

This part of the curriculum is taught as part of the Chinese Kenpo training program.