T’ai Chi Forms (Intermediate and Advanced)

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Take several movements from the basic “essentials” and put them together to create the T’ai Chi forms. Learn to apply all the basic principles as well as their martial applications, in a series of connected movements called “forms”. These are designed to promote balance (both energetic and physical), coordination, strength, flexibility, as well as a calm and “meditative” state of being. The forms taught will include, but will not be limited to, the Beijing short form (a 24 movement set), the Yang short form (a 48 movement set) and the Wutang 5 Element long form (a 108 movement set).  Also included in the curriculum are 2 short forms attributed to the Sun and Wu styles.  In addition, the Academy teaches several different less well know, and more martial T’ai Chi forms.

These exercise routines can also take on a more stationary aspect rather than the more traditional choreographed martial sets.  The practitioner goes through a specific sequence of movements, but stays in one spot facing one way, rather than moving across the floor in different directions. The short video clip below illustrates a small portion of one such longer, stationary form. In addition to the benefits listed above, the additional advantage of these types of forms is that they do not require a lot of square footage and can be practiced in a more confined space.