JW (Jamie) San Diego, Ca.
We have found Nick to be an excellent martial arts instructor.  He is very patient and willing to take the extra time to work with students on an individual basis.  He is respectful of his students and their abilities.  Nick’s presentation style is very calm and relaxed and his demonstration of T’ai chi is very powerful and graceful.  We enjoy his classes because of the atmosphere he creates while teaching.  It enables us to focus on breathing and the meditative aspects of T’ai Chi.
DAV (Dollie) Mesa, Az.
I am a senior citizen with balance problems.  Participating in Nick’s T’ai Chi class has improved my balance, helped lessen my stress level, and given me more energy.  As a bonus, his concern, patience, and sense of humor have made it a very pleasurable experience that I look forward to each session.
E.M. Mesa, Az.
Nick is able to teach in such a unique way.  He combines his knowledge with a strong compassion of others’ strengths and weaknesses.  He is aware that no two persons are the same and works with that frame of mind when teaching his classes.  The classes are educational, and they are taught in a relaxing, pressure-free atmosphere… I have experienced a great deal of improvement in my breathing, overall balance, and flexibility.
Dr. S.L. Alexander Mesa Az.
My busy schedule doesn’t allow me to attend many of Nick’s T’ai chi classes a week, but the health benefits I’ve received over two years are phenomenal…I have noticed positive changes in my strength, flexibility, balance, ability to concentrate and ultimately my confidence began to happen after just a few months of training with him. Nick’s ability to sense imbalances and blockages in my body are matched only by his knowledge of acupressure and bodywork techniques which helped restore balance and encourage better health.
Lori H. Mesa Az.
I knew nothing about T’ai Chi when I first came to the Circle of Life Academy several years ago.  Today I cannot imagine a life without T’ai Chi and the related arts.  With Nick’s guidance, I have awakened to the connections between movement, breath, and energy, resulting in positive changes in all areas of my life.  His classes are welcoming and healing to students of all abilities… Nick embodies the peace, fluidity, and inner balance that he teaches.