Shaolin Chi Kung – Energy Work (Intermediate and Advanced)

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Thought to originate from the Shaolin Temples over 2000 years ago as a way for Taoist monks to cultivate “Chi” and longevity.


(Bringing breath to the Marrow)
– a comprehensive exercise set of stretching and breathing for the entire body. It involves all the muscles, tendons, and joints and promotes overall well being. Practiced regularly, the 24 exercises of the Marrow Washing are also an excellent way to maintain flexibility, relaxation, vitality, and immunity to disease.  This set is originally attributed to Bodhidharma, but it is important to mention that many different variations of this routine exist, and the one that is taught at the Academy is but one such interpretation. One movement (Swallow Returns to Nest) from this set is shown in the video clip below.


The Northern star Qigong exercise set is relatively new. It was created by Dong Haichuan in the 18th century. This set is not very difficult and can be performed in about 20 minutes. It provides all the health benefits attributed to Qigong discussed above.


A different and extensive set of exercises also designed to promote overall health, flexibility and strength. Standing meditation postures are included as part of this exercise routine.  This set has 18 “chapters” and each chapter contains one and up to three separate exercises, and includes a standing meditation.  Each chapter can be a stand alone exercise sequence.  As in many Qigong exercise routines, different interpretations have been taught from Master to student.  The Academy teaches one particular interpretation of the Lohan Hands.